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August 4, 2006

unclear on the concept

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If you read my little intro on Freecycle, you’re aware of the goal of Freecycle: keep things out of landfills. It’s to match people that have “junk” with people that happen to want it. The goal, of course, is to have people posting the stuff they’re offering. Posting messages of what you “want” is permitted, and always a source of amusement.There are plenty of valid wanted postings. I posted a valid one this week (valid IMHO). I have an old food processor and somewhere along the last 5 moves, I lost the plastic device that pushes the food down onto the blades. Now, I make do with a spatula and occasionally pick out pieces of plastic from the food. Anyway, I thought it perfectly valid to post, asking if anyone had a old dead food processor lying around, if I could have this plastic tool from it. That’s the kind of stuff that is intended. You could use something that pretty much everyone else would just be throwing out into a landfill.

So, here’s the subject line from a posting from a nearby Freecycle group (not the group I moderate):

WANTED: 2 adult Hershey Park tickets

okay, I guess those tickets could technically take up some infinitesimal space in a landfill, but… really? I doubt that someone that bought $30-$40 (each) tickets to an amusement park wouldn’t have to work hard to find a friend or two to give those things away if they couldn’t go.


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