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August 11, 2006

life lessons from a hummingbird

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followup to yesterday’s post about my breakfast entertainment: a hummingbird.

As I thought more about the show I got in the morning, I remembered a similar incident last year. A hummingbird hung out for several days at one of my feeders and chased away any other hummingbirds that came to try to eat. As fall approaches, they tend to get territorial and protect their food supply as they fatten up for migration.

I thought to myself, “I wonder if this hummingbird is going to be guarding the feeder? How funny. If he only realized that there was so much food in that feeder that it could…”

I couldn’t even finish the thought when the Holy Spirit jumped in with a heavy dose of conviction: that I’m just like that hummingbird sometimes. I often sit on God’s “blessing supply” and try to keep it all to myself and keep on wanting more. Sure, I can be generous at times. But, it’s not my nature. Sure, it’s part of the human condition–but that’s hardly an excuse.

What’s most interesting to me is that I have recently read a chapter in Your Best Life Now about generosity and blessing others. I also listened to a great series by John Piper called Magnifying God With Money. I thought about generosity. Yeah, I need to be more generous and desire to bless others.

Yet it didn’t really have a huge emotional impact on me until I thought about a tiny hummingbird guarding a feeder with more food than he could eat in a month. How God must be thinking the same thing about me. He’s got an infinite collection of blessings ready to shower down on me and here I am like that little bird trying to keep it to myself. Like I really need to be concerned about every running out of anything that I truly need with God handling my resource supply.

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