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October 20, 2006

naturally, we can’t let kids be kids, right?

Filed under: soapbox — noisedoctor @ 9:51 am

This week saw a news report from a Mass. elementary school that has now prohibited kids from playing tag, flag football and “unsupervised chase games” during recess. Why? According to the principal, “Recess is ‘a time when accidents can happen,'” Yeah, no duh. Recess is also a time when kids learn socialization, burn energy, etc. If you aren’t going to allow the kids to play at recess, why not just cancel recess.

I know I’m an old fart, but we played plenty of tag and kickball during recess. Did I ever get hurt during recess? Sure. I even had a tooth chipped. Should we have kids, would I support the local elementary school if they pulled this sort of stunt? Of course not. Yeah, kids will get hurt from time to time. That’s why they have a nurse there. It’s part of life. Micromanaging kids and trying to remove every possible thing that might hurt them isn’t the way to go. You might be able to make their life more “safe” but at the price of making their life way less enjoyable and full.


  1. I guess that means that if the chase game is supervised, no one will get hurt. So, teach, stop with the smoke break and get out there and supervise that game of tag. 😉

    Comment by Brendt — October 22, 2006 @ 11:43 pm

  2. I think by supervised they mean that the kids all have to be wrapped head-to-toe in bubble wrap. Then maybe the kids won’t get hurt.

    Comment by noisedoctor — October 23, 2006 @ 7:54 am

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