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November 1, 2006

silly woodpecker

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My sister asked for help from me and my dad. Her husband was out of town on a business trip. She found a bunch of insulation from her attic on her driveway. When she looked up, she could see a small hole in the side of the house.

So, Dad and I went over tonight to take a look. We went up to the attic and found where we thought the hole should be. I went in for a closer look while he held a flashlight where I could see. I moved some of the insulation and soon could see light from the outside spotlights shining in. So, I started to move all the insulation from around the area (so we’d be able to put some sort of patch there to seal the hole) and as I swept my hand along there, I hit something solid. And then it moved.

I can’t even come up with the metaphor (maybe two-sheds gomer will come up with one for me) to describe how quickly my hand shot out of that spot. I was sure it was a squirrel, rat, or some sort of rodent. But, it quickly started hopping and flapping and soon was flying around the attic. It looked just like this pic over on wikipedia.

I was able to find a small empty box in my sister’s attic and after chasing the bird all over the attic for 20-30 minutes, I finally got it safely (and gently) closed in the box. A quick patch to the side of the house and we were done with our repair mission.

We took the bird for a little ride and released it a few miles away. Hopefully this little experience will teach it not to drill holes in anyone else’s house.

Oh, and an hour later, I think my heart rate has returned to normal.


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  1. Since when did I become the king of the metaphor? 😉

    The part that struck me was the “We took the bird for a little ride…”. I can just hear a stereotypical Italian mobster saying that line, and then concluding it with “and now he sleeps with the fishes”.

    Comment by Brendt — November 2, 2006 @ 8:23 pm

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