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November 9, 2006

800 daffodil bulbs

Filed under: gardening — noisedoctor @ 8:57 pm

Ever wonder what 800 Daffodil bulbs looks like? Now I know:
800 Daffodil Bulbs

Actually that’s 850 bulbs. They accidentally threw in 50 tulip bulbs. I couldn’t believe how heavy the boxes were–they are densely packed. The three boxes weighed in at 68 pounds.

Several people have expressed how they think I’m nuts for ordering so many. But, I have a very large flowerbed to fill up. How am I going to plant all of them? Similarly to what I posted back when I created the flowerbed (elephant tasks) I’ll plant them one at a time… 🙂

I ordered them from Netherland Bulb Company. They’re only about 90 miles away, so I went and picked them up this morning (to save the shipping on 68 pounds). The folks there were really nice and helpful. I look forward to ordering more from them next year. Oh, and I did call them to tell them about the tulips they put in by mistake and they told me to just keep them as a bonus. I love freebies.

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  1. In case anyone wants to know, what I bought was: 500 “Narcissus Minnow,” 100 “Narcissus Barret Browning,” and 200 “Daffodil Fortissimo.”

    Comment by noisedoctor — April 25, 2007 @ 11:55 am

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