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November 10, 2006

is this anti-gay?

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I spotted something on Yahoo news. The title of the news article is “Firm’s anti-gay e-mail sparks online fury.”

The story tells of a landscape company that sent an email to a potential customer stating: “I need to tell you that we cannot meet with you because we choose not to work for homosexuals.” The potential customer then forwarded that email and it has become a bit of a news story. Now, take a second and go read it again. It says “we choose not to work for homosexuals” [emphasis mine]. I don’t read anything that says anything negative, threatening, or derogatory towards homosexuals.

Yet the Reuters title of the article calls it: “anti-gay e-mail.” I don’t see anything in that email that is anti-gay. You may not like it one bit, but all the company said is, in effect, we don’t want to work for you. Now, that’s clearly discrimination. But does that make “anti?”

Now, one interesting aspect to consider is whether the company has a right to do what they did. In the article, the co-owner stated, “We felt that it was our right as an American small business to choose who we do business with.” We’re not talking about a fast food restaurant refusing to serve someone or a fire department refusing to save someone’s burning building. Admittedly, it’s a proverbial slippery slope. I’m all for individual rights and less governmental involvement. I’d say that discrimination on base of race or sex is definitely wrong. But discrimination in other cases is not wrong/bad (despite the culture telling us that it is.)

How about if the potential customer has a huge pentagram in the front yard, or every other word out of their mouth was cursing, or wore a t-shirt with naked people on it. Would you fault this company from refusing to work with that person? I dare say not. So, how about this case? I guess in this case it comes down to whether you believe homosexuality is a choice or not. Society would tell us that it’s not a choice and we’re being intolerant for discrimination in that case. But, the Bible tells us differently. I think I’ll side with the Bible on this one.

To be honest, I’m surprised that the company was this direct about it. I am a person that appreciates and respects honesty. I’ve found contractors like this simply choose not to bid on work or bid 2x or 3x what the job is worth to reduce the chance of getting the job. I’d rather be told that they don’t want to work for me rather than get an inflated estimate from them.

In closing, one thing I found sad was that the company co-owner stated that her family had also received verbal attacks and murder threats. Murder threats?!? Now, I thought that one of the of gay rights tenants was “tolerance.” But, there are kooks blowing up abortion clinics, so I guess I there are always going to be extremists on both sides of any issue.


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