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February 4, 2007

excuse me, Mr. Rendell, didn’t you advertise a budget surplus?

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Pennsylvania’s governor, Ed Rendell has announced that he is going to request a 1% tax hike in the state’s sales tax (from 6% to 7%). Now, before you say “it’s only a penny,” think about it in percentages–that’s a 16.6% jump.
Now, as much as this, and just about everything Ed Rendell does (like why does the state need to buy advertising time on the TV to advertise free health care for children–oh, that’s right, they do that to buy votes, sorry, wasn’t thinking), infuriates me, the kicker is a quote (note: from a democrat) in the article:

“I do know we are facing a deficit that far exceeds our surplus,” Sen. Vincent J. Fumo of Philadelphia, the ranking Democrat on the appropriations committee, said Friday in an interview.

In this past fall’s election, Mr. Rendell ran a non-stop blitz of TV commercials, including one that talked about how he had produced a budget surplus and expanded the state’s “rainy day” fund. Gosh golly, now that the election is over… now we’ve magically swung into a deficit that “far exceeds our surplus.”

This is of course on top of the hike of the state income tax by Rendell (10% hike) as well as the brand new “nickel-and-dime-you and maybe you won’t notice” tax (an extra $4 to $6/month) he introduced as well.

The sub-title on that news story is also “to help reduce property taxes.” But Mr. Fumo is saying that the increase is actually handle the budget deficit (that Mr. Rendell told us doesn’t exist). Why? That’s easy… Tell everyone in the state that this will lower property taxes (cough cough) and they’ll happily embrace it since everyone is sick and tired of being gouged on property taxes.

But that’s exactly the same smokescreen they used to push through the legalization of gambling in Pennsylvania. So, now that there are casinos in Pennsylvania, why do we need an income tax hike to reduce property taxes? Oh… that’s right… it’s just another lie. Got it.

Anybody now wishing you had joined me in voting for Lynn Swann?

I guess it’s time to start making more trips across the state line into Delaware and buy stuff tax-free.


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