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February 9, 2007

faith in faith or faith in God?

Filed under: Christianity, infertility — noisedoctor @ 10:57 am

My wife and I have been reading through a daily devotional book for couples (thought it’s more geared toward the woman than it is couples). A couple nights ago it raised the question, “Is your faith in God, or do you actually just have faith in faith?”

My initial thought was, “huh? Can you have faith in faith?” So, I’ve thought about it a little more and I do think it’s possible to start leaving God out of the equation. I think that when we start saying things like

  • “you have to trust that everything will work out fine” instead of “there’s no reason to worry since we know that God is sovereign and guiding us”
  • “it just wasn’t meant to be” instead of “God must have something else in mind”
  • “just keep a positive attitude” instead of “seek God’s will and cast your worries upon Him”

Perhaps we start saying some of these phrases without “God” in them so we don’t seem trite or overly “spiritual” but maybe that’s not such a good thing. It’s something I’m going to watch myself for.

Turning away from the serious to the humorous, I wonder if it’s like worrying about worrying 🙂

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