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April 8, 2007

pierogie day

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Yesterday was our family’s 2nd annual Pierogie Day. What’s a Pierogie? Are you nuts? I’m kidding. The wikipedia page describes them pretty well.

We make them with mashed potatoes and cheese (specifically American cheese). When we eat them, we usually pan fry them in butter with lots of onions.

The team consists of me, my wife, my parents, my sister and her husband and three boys (this year: 7, 5, and just about 2). It’s hard work, but they are so much better than anything you can buy anywhere. It’s also fun hanging out with the family. And, since it doesn’t mess up my kitchen–all the better. Okay, we do help clean up my sister’s kitchen.

This years batch was about 32 dozen. We worked from 9am to just around 4:30pm. Not too bad. One new technique this year was using my brand-new pasta press to roll out the dough instead of doing that by hand with a rolling pin. Last year we destroyed a rolling pin and three men’s shoulder and back muscles (okay maybe not destroyed, but nearly wore out). This year we got really nice consistency with the dough thickness by using the machine. It was much easier cranking the dough through that a few times than the old way. It might not have been any faster, but we’re sold on the new technique.

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