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May 21, 2007

boo God!

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I guess I spoke too soon. Our good friends that just found out at the beginning of last week they were pregnant, found out at the end of last week that she was going to miscarry–and that started today for her.

Boo… God, we really don’t like this. It’s so not fair. It’s almost cruel.

Okay. I had to get that out. Yes, You are God and I am not. You must have some reason behind allowing this to happen. We still love and worship You. You are worthy of our praise regardless of how we feel when things like this happen. Please bring comfort. Please bring peace and healing. And, please bring a baby–one for each couple would be really wonderful.  Amen.

And, to anyone offended at the title of this post… I’m just being honest with God in how I feel right now. Besides, I think He’s big enough to handle it.


2 < 4

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We went to the doctor today. The ultrasound showed 2 nice follicles. That’s a good thing. I didn’t really want there to be 4 (or more). So, apparently you have to up the dose of Clomid each month to keep getting the same number of follicles. Interesting.

May 18, 2007

missing one small detail…

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Posting on a nearby freecycle group this morning:

WANTED: pool deck
looking for a pool deck preferably wooden for small pool

And… this “small” pool would be… 3′ high? 4′ high? and what diameter? These sorts of things might make just a little bit of a difference. Right? 🙂

May 15, 2007

yeah God!

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The closest mutual friends (call them J, the husband, and C, the wife) that my wife and I have are a couple that are part of our small group Bible Study. They got married a year or so after us and started trying to get pregnant a month or two after us.

They just found out this past weekend that they are pregnant (their second round of Clomid and 3rd or 4th IUI and same fertility doctor). Yeah God! Yes, we wanted to join them and all be pregnant at the same time but we’re still completely thrilled that God has chosen now to give them this gift.

My wife talked this weekend with C (the wife) and C expressed that she sort of felt a little guilty, that my wife and I were “supposed to get pregnant first” (because we’re a little older). My wife reassured here that there’s absolutely no resentment there and no reason to be guilty. I’m thankful that she means it sincerely.

I talked with J (the husband) last night and reassured him that my wife was completely sincere. I told him to remind his wife that we’re very content and happy with God’s timing about this in our lives. Obviously there’s some reason that he wants us to wait a while longer. I don’t know what that is, but I’m happy to wait here, knowing He has a special gift for us someday. He has blessed us so much, how could we think anything else?

Yeah God. Thank you for blessing our friends. May things go well, safely, and happily. May you allow us to be a part of and blessing to that child’s (or children…) life.

May 13, 2007

clomid, round 3

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I am really starting to dislike our doctor (RE). Well, not just the doctor, but the whole office organization. So far, I’ve been able to (barely) tolerate the 30-60 minute delays at every appointment we make–I take the laptop and do work while we wait. But, now I’m struggling–with the issue of trust.


fine, I give up, you win

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I previously posted, tongue firmly planted in cheek, about thistle being a solution to end world hunger since the stuff grows so fast and is so hard to kill.

Well, I feel obliged to make a public admission that thistle has caused me to abandon my vow of organic gardening. Yep. I give up. Try as I might to dig the stuff out, it’s just proving to be impossible. I’ve been attacking the stuff in one section of my garden for four years now. It’s time to give up. I’ve turned to Round Up. I’m applying it with a paint brush so that it’s a localized application directly to the thistle plants. It seems to be working now.

Now, if this truly works, it leaves me with an interesting question. What am I going to do with all the hours that I normally spend each week digging thistle? hmmmmmm…

I’d like to see this…

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This posting on a nearby freecycle group caught my attention because of the subject line. I just couldn’t believe it was for real.

Offer: Wild Bees
I have a bee hive in the eave of my house. I will offer to help a
beekeeper remove them rather than exterminate them.

So, I guess this person is serious. As a gardener who relies on bees for pollination of my plants, I applaud their effort. I’m not sure it’s all that easy to relocate bees. I’d like to see it happen, though.

May 9, 2007

my solution to end world hunger

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Short answer: we all learn to eat thistle. Here’s why.

For the past few weeks I’ve been trying to rid my garden of some thistle that just keeps on coming back no matter what I did to get it out. Usually, I would use a weeding tool, getting down 8-10” and get what looked to be most of the root. But, it would still come back.

This spring I wanted to try to eliminate it. So, I started by trying to dig out the entire root. With most of them I’d get down 12-18” and then the root would split and run out in two opposite directions horizontally. Well, no wonder why my previous weeding didn’t help a thing.

Despite all my best efforts (and many hours) digging, I still have shoots of thistle coming up in several places. So, alas I’ve given up on my vow of organic gardening and have used a little bit of Round-Up (applied via a paint brush to localize the application) to try to finally kill the stuff.

Okay, so why would this solve the world hunger problem? If this stuff is this hard to kill, we’d never have to worry about replanting it. You cut it to the ground and in one or two days you have a huge plant back for more. It would be sort of like Manna. You could go pick your entire crop one morning only to return the next morning and find it regrown to where you picked it the morning before.

It doesn’t seem to care about soil quality either. I’ve found these roots happily tangled between densely packed rocks. I’d wager that you could add a tablespoon of dirt to 100 pounds of rock and thistle would grow there.

So, all we need to do is find a way to prepare this stuff that wouldn’t taste too bad (I’m thinking deep frying) and we’d have an amazing food source.

Who’s with me? 🙂

May 7, 2007

another swing and miss

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We had agreed a while back not to do any more pregnancy tests–just wait for the period to start or not. But, tonight my wife’s back pain was really bad (no idea what caused it, thought it might be from being pregnant) and the Tylenol wasn’t cutting it. So… we agreed to take a test to see if she could take something stronger.

Another swing and miss. So, if we get pregnant next month we’d be batting around .052–not even up there with American League pitchers during inter-league play. But, we’ll keep trying nonetheless. We believe God is just telling us “not yet” and not “no.” So, we’ll wait for that one blessed time we’re able to connect with the pitch.

no spell check in photoshop?

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Saw this ad today at a web store I just placed an order:

Click the link if you like… but it makes an “oink” sound, not “onik.”

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