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May 15, 2007

yeah God!

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The closest mutual friends (call them J, the husband, and C, the wife) that my wife and I have are a couple that are part of our small group Bible Study. They got married a year or so after us and started trying to get pregnant a month or two after us.

They just found out this past weekend that they are pregnant (their second round of Clomid and 3rd or 4th IUI and same fertility doctor). Yeah God! Yes, we wanted to join them and all be pregnant at the same time but we’re still completely thrilled that God has chosen now to give them this gift.

My wife talked this weekend with C (the wife) and C expressed that she sort of felt a little guilty, that my wife and I were “supposed to get pregnant first” (because we’re a little older). My wife reassured here that there’s absolutely no resentment there and no reason to be guilty. I’m thankful that she means it sincerely.

I talked with J (the husband) last night and reassured him that my wife was completely sincere. I told him to remind his wife that we’re very content and happy with God’s timing about this in our lives. Obviously there’s some reason that he wants us to wait a while longer. I don’t know what that is, but I’m happy to wait here, knowing He has a special gift for us someday. He has blessed us so much, how could we think anything else?

Yeah God. Thank you for blessing our friends. May things go well, safely, and happily. May you allow us to be a part of and blessing to that child’s (or children…) life.

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