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May 21, 2007

boo God!

Filed under: Christianity, clomid, infertility, IUI — noisedoctor @ 9:51 pm

I guess I spoke too soon. Our good friends that just found out at the beginning of last week they were pregnant, found out at the end of last week that she was going to miscarry–and that started today for her.

Boo… God, we really don’t like this. It’s so not fair. It’s almost cruel.

Okay. I had to get that out. Yes, You are God and I am not. You must have some reason behind allowing this to happen. We still love and worship You. You are worthy of our praise regardless of how we feel when things like this happen. Please bring comfort. Please bring peace and healing. And, please bring a baby–one for each couple would be really wonderful.  Amen.

And, to anyone offended at the title of this post… I’m just being honest with God in how I feel right now. Besides, I think He’s big enough to handle it.


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  1. My heart goes out to your friends. I have said over and over the only thing worse than not getting pregnant month after month would be to be pregnant and loose the pregnancy. It is just heartbreaking.

    Fingers crossed for you and your wife. I am bracing myself for a 150mg round, if I’m lucky at the end of it I will still have a husband and a job! 🙂

    Comment by Crafty Canadian — May 22, 2007 @ 12:01 pm

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