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June 29, 2007

interesting search terms

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I enjoy looking at the daily report of search terms used to find my blog. Some are more interesting than others. Given that I have some time here while a server reboots, I’ll waste some time commenting on some.

Another Word for Green Beans in Bible
mmmkay… whatever…
hot flushes throughout clomid cycle
I hope you mean hot flashes. Unless someone hooked up your toilet to your hot water tank.
infertility, unsupportive husband
I’m sorry you feel that way. I hope I you find support. And, I hope you don’t believe that I am an unsupportive husband–my wife doesn’t.
unsupportive wife
I guess it’s an equal-opportunity search term. Unsupportive wife, unsupportive husband. I hope y’all can find a way to work out your differences.
i’m an alcoholic and my wife is pregnant
Get help now. No, I’m not kidding. Your wife and child will need you. Please get help. Stop searching the web and seek out a group that can help you.
inter curse a day before ovulation test
mmmkay. I seriously hope you mean intercourse. If not, I think you might be going about the whole thing the wrong way.
can i fall pregnant with uterine polyps?
Fall pregnant? Interesting choice of words.
where is it at in the bible no good deed
I don’t think that’s in the Bible. I think that’s one of Murphy’s Laws.
how does god feel about abortion
I’m really, honestly, surprised you need to search for this. I think that it should be pretty clear that God does not condone abortion.
clomid mood swings after ovulation
not as bad as the mood swings before ovulation 😉
do I exist
mmmkay. You need to search the web to determine if you exist? If you haven’t figured this out by now… maybe you don’t.
clomid didnt work, now what
I’m sorry to hear that. Luckily Clomid did work for us, so we didn’t have to consider other courses of actions.
useless junk/useless junk. com
Bored at work? I get dozens of hits every week from these searches. Why search the web for useless junk. Can’t you just find that anywhere and everywhere?
what does god feel about marriage
God doesn’t just feel about marriage–He designed it for us. Obviously it’s important to Him.
the bible and clomid
I don’t think the Bible actually mentions Clomid. I think it was discovered almost two thousand years later.
IUI Christian perspective
Good question. I can’t say there’s a definitive answer. It’s something you’ll need to discuss with God in prayer.
can you get pregnant with three follicle
You can get pregnant with any number of follicles.
how many follicles on 100mg of clomid
I’m sure you’ve discovered that there’s no easy answer to that question. It varies from woman to woman, varies with how long you’ve been taking it, etc.
clomid 100mg does it walk like 50mg
wife doesn’t want pregnancy
Not sure how that lead you here. Sorry to hear that. But, I doubt I can help you. That’s between you, your wife, and God.
hot to kill crown vetch
Good luck! 🙂
uselessjunk guys cutting their junk off
mmmkay. whatever.
what can a patient do to help the IUI/CL

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