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July 31, 2007

ultrasound pics

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I thought it would be fun to post our ultrasound pictures. I’ll hope to update this post as we go.



July 16, 2007

oh how sweet it is…

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I just ate my first peach off one of my peach trees. I planted two of them 3 years ago. Last year each tree had 2 or 3 peaches, but the Japanese Beetles got them. This year, there are dozens of peaches. One finally ripened today. Granted, it was the size of a small plumb, but it was very sweet. I can’t wait for the rest to ripen!

photo of me and my wife

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I just know everyone is really wanting to see what my wife and I look like. Here you go.


on a stick…

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Jeff Dunham & Peanut

I saw this routine on TV around 13 years ago. It still cracks me up. I would rate this as PG.

July 13, 2007

man, I have a lot to learn…

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I have a lot to learn before we have our baby next February. This from a posting on our local freecycle group today:

Wanted: Bassinet/Liner for Girl
Hi - I am looking for a bassinet liner for a girl. Or a bassinet with
a liner as my bassinet is pretty old and outdated. Thanks!

I didn’t know that bassinets and liners were different for boys and girls. I better get reading, huh? 🙂

July 12, 2007

praying to free Eric Volz

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I got this e-mail about Eric Volz. I hope you’ll join me in praying for this situation.


What you can do now…

For the past almost eight months as people have heard
the story of Eric
Volz's arrest and unjust imprisonment, after the look
of disbelief, there
comes a question, "what can we do?"

We struggle to believe, still, that this situation is
as dire as it appears,
that the chance for Eric to be freed hangs by such
thin threads. After all, we understand justice to mean
that if mistakes are made they will be made right. We
wait together for this to become true.

There have been and are still available opportunities
to communicate with Eric and to contribute to the
costs of his defense. (go to www.freeericvolz.com)

But now as we wait, we have another timely and
important answer to the question, "what can we do?"

Between the dates of July 21st and 29th (the week that
marks the beginning of the 9th month since Eric's
arrest) the friends of Eric Volz are calling for all
concerned persons and groups to gather together in
whatever way you practice prayer.

We will join together during this week to garner the
powers of grace, mercy, forgiveness, justice and love.
We believe these powers to be stronger than any of the
systemic brokenness and evil that keeps innocent
persons imprisoned. This is a time for faithful
persons to lean toward the changing of processes and
persons who have the power to decide to protect Eric's
safety and to set him free.

If you are reading this and as a group or individual
wish to add your energy to hoping with many others
please let us know that you'll be setting aside time
as an individual or with a group for a hour, a day, or
spread out across this week of response.

Please email the name, email and physical address of
the person who will coordinate the effort for your
group to: skeenj@mail.belmont.edu. As is possible we
will provide materials electronically that can be
reproduced as you choose for use with your group. We
will also mail additional support materials to share
with those who participate. (Please include an
estimate of how many are needed in your response)

Thank you for your ongoing concern for Eric and his

Melissa Campbell

he’s still at it

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The Washington D.C. administrative law judge that tried to sue a small dry cleaner into oblivion and failed is still at it. Apparently he still doesn’t get it. He still wants his $54,000,000 for a missing pair of pants. Don’t you wish you could just smack this guy upside the head?

July 10, 2007

it’s just rude, folks

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A posting this morning on my local freecycle group:

In need of a working window air conditioner(Please Read)
To whom reads this and if you have a window air condiotion u no longer
need please let me know.Im in need of it for my son that has really
bad asma and he has problems breathing in the heat. Also My daughter
also but she is not as bad as my son he is caughing so bad now with
out it from the heat.So please if anyone out there that can spare one
it would be sent to a good home with 4 great kids.
Thank you for your time and for reading this God bless.

Okay, the horrible spelling I can deal with. I can also deal with not adhering to the group guidelines and starting the message without “WANTED.” But, what is just flat out rude is including “please read” in the subject. You think your sob story is more important than everyone else’s? Get a grip.

July 5, 2007

they’re somewhat permanent, ace

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Posting over the weekend on our local Freecycle group:

**Wanted: Retractable Awning
Looking for the type you install on a porch roof front. We need one that is approx 5-8 feet in width.

Like you said, you install it. That makes it pretty darn permanent. Hardly likely that someone’s going to rip one off their house to give it to you.

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