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August 30, 2007

my favorite musical “no duh”

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I’m listening to some Caedmon’s Call. Every time I hear the first line of the song “Somewhere North” just have to laugh.

“It’s a muggy night in Houston…”

I think to myself, “no duh… is there any such thing as a non-muggy night in Houston?”


August 28, 2007

must be august

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I normally don’t pay too much attention to my blog statistics. But, I just glanced at them, and see a huge spike in traffic over the last few days. Then I remembered… it must be August. And, the annual influx of people researching how it could be that “Mars will appear as big as the moon” email. At least I give people credit for researching it, rather than just looking up into the sky wondering why they don’t see a moon-sized Mars beaming down at them.

Welcome to the annual August visitors. Sorry that you got “taken in” by that email hoax.

August 27, 2007

careful what you ask a seven-year-old boy

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This weekend we went on a family vacation. We went to a very nice state park in Delaware. My parents own a 28-foot camper. In addition to my folks, me, and my wife, my sister and her family (husband and 3 nephews: 7, 5, 2) came along. We had a great time.

The best part was during breakfast on Sunday morning. The adults had discussed that we would probably tell the boys about their new cousin this weekend. We got discussing some friend of the family when my sister said, “you know, [name of person] is a really nice name for a girl,” which lead to a few jokes about several possible baby names. After a minute or two of that, my sister asked her boys, “do you guys know why we’re talking about baby names?” They didn’t quite get it, so we told them to expect a new cousin early next year.

The best part was my sister asking her oldest boy (7), “don’t you have anything you want to say to your aunt and uncle?,” to which he immediately replied, “good luck!”

Everyone got a great laugh out of that.

August 11, 2007

so, when do I get my wife back?

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I feel like I’ve been living alone for most of the past two months. There are times that I see evidence that there’s a zombie sharing my house and bed.

My wife is now almost 13 1/2 weeks into our pregnancy. I just keep hoping that she will hit this “energy boost” that I keep hearing about that’s supposed to kick in at the 2nd trimester. The weekends aren’t so bad. But, during the week, when she gets home from work, I can usually get about 3 sentences out of her before the eyes glaze over and “zombie-mode” kicks in. I just hope I get back the woman I love here at some point.

Dealing with the food aversions and crazed eating games hasn’t been too bad–more funny to watch: going from “I’m not hungry” to “I need to eat something right now” to preparing a huge plate of something (usually pasta or mashed potatoes) to “I can’t eat any more” (usually after 3 or 4 bites out of the huge plate). I knew my wife would be tired early on in pregnancy. I just didn’t know she’d sleep 12 hours and be barely communicative during her pseudo-waking hours.

I’ll survive… I just hope the zombie moves out and my wife returns… I miss her. I miss us.

August 3, 2007

so tempting…

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A posting yesterday on our local Freecycle group:

OFFER: blender/cell phone

Oh, such a tempting combination. Guess I’ve spent too much time at http://www.willitblend.com, huh?

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