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October 25, 2007

can’t even formulate a response…

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This was posted today on two freecycle groups in our area. I just can’t even formulate a response to the lunacy:



October 17, 2007

ugh, I look 23 weeks pregnant

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I’m not a skinny guy and like most guys, I carry all my extra weight in my “pouch.” One of the things I’ve been joking with my wife about has been that with her being pregnant, she’d eventually get a bigger belly than me for the first time. Last week (at the end of week 21), I thought that “magical” moment had come. I pulled out a tape measure, only to find out that my belly was still a little bit bigger.

Ugh. That means I look 23 weeks pregnant. But, on the plus side, I don’t look as pregnant as I once did. 5 years ago I was 40 pounds heavier, and looked about 7 months pregnant. At least I’m moving the right direction…

just a tad out of line?

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Someone posted this last week on our local freecycle group. You have to realize that we live in the edge of the suburbs, so people around here are more likely to have a farm tractor rusting in the back yard than a piece of high-tech equipment lying around the garage. Oh, yeah… these things currently sell for over $400 used. I’m just so shocked that this person never posted a “received” follow-up 😉

Wanted: Cisco Router 1600, 1700 or up
I need a working Cisco Router 1600, 1700 or up for studies.

need a spelling tutor too?

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I just had to laugh at a posting on our local freecycle group. Nevermind that this is effectively an advertisement which isn’t supposed to be posted, I found it ironic.

Wanted: Maht Tutor
Hello, I am in desperate need of a math tutor for college basic math.
I would like to meet on the weekends. Thank you in advance for your

October 2, 2007

great world-wide star count

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I’ve always loved gazing at the stars. As a child, my father took me to programs at a local college’s planetarium. I can remember annoying my elementary school teachers by knowing more about the earth’s movements, the moon, and the stars than they did.

Anyway, there’s a great program to encourage interest in astronomy: Great World-Wide Star Count. It’s also a program to help gather more information about light pollution. SiliconValley.com has a good article about it. I’m going to participate. I have seen more light pollution in my area over the past 5 years and am a little bummed about it.

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