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June 27, 2008

a lazy “environmentally friendly backyard”

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I spent a little time inside catching up on some old HGTV programs. One show I tape every weekend and eventually watch is Landscape Smart. They often have some good stuff and give me some ideas for my yard.

One episode I watched was Environmentally Friendly Backyard. Most of it was good. But… the homeowner said something close to the following (I forget the exact words) as they were ripping out the existing contents of their yard:

We have an electric dryer, the clothes-lines can go.

The “environmentally friendly” aspect of their back yard centered around filtering rainwater. They obviously didn’t recognize the hypocrisy of saying they’re trying to be “environmentally friendly” but not being willing to take a few minutes to hang up their clothes outside, huh? Which is “harder” on the environment? Unfiltered rainfall or the electric used to dry clothes? I honestly don’t know the answer. But, I’d say that if you want to portray yourself to the public as “environmentally friendly” you might at least not put down line-drying clothes.

Boo to HGTV. You should have just edited that part out of the show. Leaving it in there was just silly.

And, yes… I hang out our clothes except when it gets below 45 degrees. In fairness, now that my wife works at home caring for our son, we share that task roughly 50-50, but I’ve been the primary laundry-hanger person for 6 years. It’s really not that hard, people.


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