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January 29, 2008

etymotic rocks!

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These days, I rarely run across great customer service–often decent customer service, but great service catches my attention. I thought I should give them some props here, for whatever that’s worth.

A little over a year ago (maybe longer, not sure), I got a set of the Etymotic ER-4 earphones as a gift from my previous employer for some extra work I did. They are really sweet. I used to travel every week on planes and trains, and these earphones were just amazing at blocking out the noise. Their sound quality is nothing short of amazing as well–and was thisclose to having a PhD in acoustics. Once I stopped traveling and didn’t have a real need for these, I decided to use them while doing outdoor jobs: mowing grass, chainsawing, chipping wood, etc. They cut out more noise than my custom-made ear plugs and over-the-ear muffs combined–and I could listen to music with only 1 click above what I’d listen without the noise-generating device nearby, again, with amazing quality–I used to pick out things from some songs while mowing grass that I had never noticed on my home or car stereo before. Okay, enough raving.

Well, at the end of this past summer, the sound in the earphones started to cut in and out, like there was some sort of loose connection in the line. If I wiggled the wires (not at the plug or earphones), it would usually come back in. Eventually, I had to give up on listening to music, but since they blocked more noise than my other noise-suppression arsenal, I used them without any music.

A few weeks ago I finally got my tail in gear and sent them an e-mail to ask if they could be looked at. They quickly and professionally responded that the units have a 2 year warranty and gave me an RMA # and their address to mail them back. Not having any proof-of-purchase, I reluctantly mailed them in. I figured that I’d get a phone call or e-mail telling me they needed a repair and it would cost me handily to get back my prized earphones.

Oh, not so. I got a box in the mail today. Not my earphones, but a brand new set of the same model. There was a sheet from the company documenting their testing and confirmation of the problem with my earphones, and an invoice for $0.00.

Wow. You guys rock! I am so thrilled to have these earphones back and ecstatic to have them repaired/replaced for free–great customer service all the way around. It’s impressive to see a company stand behind their product like this these days. Kudos!


August 30, 2007

my favorite musical “no duh”

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I’m listening to some Caedmon’s Call. Every time I hear the first line of the song “Somewhere North” just have to laugh.

“It’s a muggy night in Houston…”

I think to myself, “no duh… is there any such thing as a non-muggy night in Houston?”

April 10, 2007


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I love it when a band doesn’t take themselves too seriously… Switchfoot’s new video for “Awakening.”

November 14, 2006

oh! gravity

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The latest from Switchfoot. And, if you don’t get it, here’s the story behind it.

November 10, 2006

what are you made for?

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I found this encouraging. Toby Mac talking about the encouragement he finds in realizing what he was made for.

October 23, 2006

Jesus Freak, 10th anniversary

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dc Talk is going to be releasing Jesus Freak 10th Anniversary Edition on December 26th. That takes me back… course, I got to hear the album long before most people. I helped build the http://www.dctalk.com web site to promote the album. Has it really been 10 years? I guess so. The pre-release I got was on… yeah… a cassette. Anyone else remember those?

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