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August 27, 2006

adult tricycle?

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Posting in a nearby Freecycle group:

WANTED: adult tricycle
I have lousy balance and I'm just not safe in traffic on a regular
bicycle. But I'd like to get some exercise! Does anyone have one to
pass on?

I didn’t know there was such a thing as an adult tricycle. Did you? But I found a bunch of web sites selling them. Here’s one if you don’t believe me ;).
But… this person sounds like they’re saying that a trike is their only way to get some exercise. So, walking for exercise wouldn’t work? And, I guess a stationary bike wouldn’t cut it?!?


August 25, 2006

elephant tasks

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please, stick with me, there is a spiritual point to all this.

Most people have heard the silly question, “How do you eat an Elephant?” The funny answer is “with barbeque sauce.” But, the more serious answer is, “bite by bite.”


August 24, 2006


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sorry Pluto

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Pluto got demoted today. The group of Astronomers gathering in Prague reversed their previous plan to keep Pluto and add 3 additional planets. Guess we have to revise some textbooks, huh?

handbag again

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The FDA, as expected, approved over-the-counter sales of the morning after pill. Oh, but you have to have proof that you’re over 18. Yeah, that’s going to slow down the sales to minors. Egads…

I guess they aren’t issued with the uniform

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Here’s another great news story from even closer to home. A 4-year veteran of the police force was arrested for coercing two girls (14 and 16) into shoplifting bras from a Wal-Mart. Think she was planning to wear them while on duty? Downright frightening how some people think (and act).

can’t we all just get along?

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A news story from my home state of Pennsylvania. Apparently a 78-year-old woman complained about the neighbor’s cat. So, the family got rid of the cat. But their 14-year-old son started “meowing” at the woman. So, in 2006, how do we resolve these silly little conflicts? Of course, you call in the police and take the kid to court. Yougottabekiddingme.

don’t download this song

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Really. don’t download it.

August 23, 2006

always weed your compost bin

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If you don’t, this could happen.


Wait… those are tomato plants growing in there. And there are tomatoes forming too. Okay. Always Never weed your compost bin.

cammo is in this year

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A couple weeks ago, I was painting the wood trim around our front door. I went in and out of the house several times before I noticed something under the door.


Looks sort of like a leaf, doesn’t it? But, if you get close (and this thing let me get really close):


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