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October 31, 2008

cute witch?

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In honor of Halloween (not that I celebrate it), here’s a local freecycle posting from a couple weeks ago.

Wanted- Cute Witch Costume for 8 yr old girl
No scare creepy witch but something more friendly would be nice.

Naturally. You want your child to dress as a witch but not be scary. Brilliant.


don’t waste your life on your iphone

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I saw this link a few days ago in my RSS reader from desiringgod.org. Don’t Waste Your Life on Your iPhone. I clicked it. I don’t have an iPhone, but I thought it was going to be something either funny or practical about the iPhone and wasting time on it. Nope. Wrong.

The full text of Don’t Waste Your Life is now available online for free in a format optimized for the iPhone.

Silly me.

garbage full of boys?

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This just struck me as funny. I missed the offer post and just saw the taken post. I hope they just forgot a couple words in there… like “bag” and “clothes” maybe?

Taken garbage full of size 8-10 boys

what, not a house too?

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This just might be one of my favorite excessive freecycle wanted posts.

**wanted:patio set/riding lawn mower/pool/front & screen doors
patio set, riding lawn mower, hard shell pool, front door and 2 screen
doors. I live in the ___ area. Thanks

**Added items to subject line

I think the part that is funniest to me is that the moderator edited this posting (hence the ** in the subject and the tag in the message of what the moderator did) and didn’t write back to the person posting that they are just a tad [oozing sarcasm] excessive.

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