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January 31, 2007

happy (ironic) birthday breakfast

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Yep. Today’s my birthday. Since I’m in that magical zone between 21 and 65, they really don’t mean a whole lot for me. But, I do have a couple traditions.

One thing is that I usually schedule all my annual doctor visits right around my birthday: eye doctor, dermatologist, physical (full physical or just blood workup).

The other thing that I have started to do on my birthday is to go to breakfast at the best place on Earth to eat breakfast, the Shady Maple Smorgasbord. They give you a free meal on your birthday (as long as someone with you is paying). So, as we’ve done the last couple years, my wife took the morning off and took me up there. On weekdays, it costs less than $9.00 for breakfast and they actually tell you not to tip the clean up crew. For the amount of food they have available–it’s quite a deal. Today’s meal? Started with my usual, their signature sweet potato pancakes with cinnamon syrup along with their special of the day, the strawberry french toast with strawberry topping. Had a veggie omelet along with some pork scrapple, bacon, and sausage (one piece of each). Topped it off with shoo-fly pie and iced cinnamon bun.

Here’s what’s ironic. As I was enjoying the omelet and meat products, my cell phone rang. I didn’t recognize the number but my wife encouraged me to answer it (thinking it might be the fertility doctor’s office), so I did. It was my family doctor’s office with my blood test results. Yeah… as I’m chowing into sausage, bacon, scrapple, eggs, and cheese, they tell me “your cholesterol was a little high, so try to cut down on fat and cholesterol.” Thanks doc. Perfect timing. But, if you think I’m not finishing my breakfast, think again. 🙂


January 16, 2007

we didn’t get what we wanted for Christmas

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I know it’s a few weeks after Christmas and I’ve been trying to come up with exactly what to say about this. So, after putting this off for a while, here goes.

Now, before you think that my wife and I are completely selfish and immature, here’s what we wanted: to be pregnant. My wife got her period on Christmas day (along with strep throat). So, we didn’t get the thing we wanted most.

We’ve been trying for a year now with no success. Note that I didn’t say “luck.” I hear that word a lot. For me, it has no place in this discussion. Luck has nothing to do with it, in my opinion. What it has to do with is God’s timing–not luck.

So, yeah. I’ve decided that after “holding things in” for the most part, it’s time to start blogging about this a little bit.

Just to set the stage. We’re fine. We have a positive attitude. We trust that God will bring a child into our lives here soon.

We’ve had testing done, and we’ve consulted a fertility specialist. There’s no apparent reason why we haven’t conceived yet. To me, that’s great news. There’s nothing wrong, nothing we need to “fix.” But, ironically, to my wife, that’s almost bad news. Without some reason why it hasn’t happened, she gets a little frustrated and bummed out about that. So, I have to try to encourage her and help her trust that God knows what He is doing.

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